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As the saying goes, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” which means you’ll need to start with all the important aspects of interview preparation such as: And finally, you’ll want to make sure you prepare to answer common interview questions, but also product marketing–specific ones. Behavioral questions. Sales and marketing candidates can utilize these to rock the interview and land a great role. Provide an example of a marketing campaign or project you developed and how you utilized these four key factors to develop and optimize your project. This is your opportunity to get personal and to brag a little! Do they appear fluent in how these tactics can be implemented? And this allowed me to build a rapport with some folks I could later go to for guidance or feedback on future projects. We all fall down, but it’s about how we get back up. I proposed a shorter training program of bite-sized, engaging videos as opposed to a live workshop and numerous additional PowerPoint presentations, data sheets, and training materials. Make sure to take the time to get to know the company, its products, and the customers that it serves. Make sure to articulate a clear point of view on the company’s messaging based on your own analysis. Question5: List the stages of PLC? Whether you're a candidate or interviewer, these interview questions will help prepare you for your next Product Management interview ahead of time. How Do You Measure the Success of Product Marketing? However, I felt like we were missing something in our external marketing messaging and content because we only featured a limited number of customers. Your candidate should have a clear approach to how they delve into target markets. We do not claim our questions will be asked in any interview you may have. Perhaps when we take a look at the launch emails we might uncover that the email was too long and we lost users’ interest. Since your company sells training and development software to businesses, I think this is an interesting time to join your organization. Tell Me About a Time When You Were Able to Influence a Decision Made by Another Leader. Tips: Expect such a … Question3: What is the product? “I’m a big fan of Debbie’s Delicious Sandwiches. Tip #5: Use these interview questions and answers to give you insights into the sales interview process. IT buyers want something that is going to generate ROI, but also implements quickly and integrates with their existing infrastructure. For all behavioral interview questions, using the STAR method to structure your answer will help you provide a concise and relevant response. Lifers are pretty … Your interviewer wants to see if you can articulate your point of view in a persuasive way and accurately represent the voice of the customer to advocate for their specific needs. Some of the more common labels, like progressive, consultative, persuasive, can have several meanings or descriptions depending on which management guru you listen to. Question 30. “In my most recent role, I measured my success by the adoption of new features. As such, the manager will be the other teams' go-to person for market trends and understanding of whether or not a market has the necessary customer interest in the item that your business has to offer. 1. What to look for in an answer: "I first analyze the product and the problem that it solves. 1. As a product marketer, I would be thinking about additional ways to reach customers and educate them about the feature based on all of my findings about where the sticking points were. “The sales team needed a new training program around products they were being asked to sell this year. But if they’re finding them and viewing or reading only the first 25% on average, maybe they’re not engaging or helpful. What to look for in an answer: "I would first understand why the company is increasing prices and explain to customers that our costs increased or the product is providing more value in other ways.". Now, it’s time to prepare. Q1. “From my experience, good working relationships with your peers are based on trust, which takes time and effort to build up. Once I fully understood the features, I wrote up a few basic explainers with our core audience in mind and I showed them to the tech team to check for accuracy. You can do great research by taking the time to conduct informational interviews with employees at this company or even interviewing people who have used the product that the company makes. These campaigns used content—such as videos, knowledge articles, and FAQ documentation—so we also measured the reach of and engagement with that content. You talk a lot about privacy, security, and protecting employee technology so it is very clear to me that you are targeting an IT security leader or professional. This is your opportunity to … The second was sales enablement, ensuring that all of our sales teams got the training and resources they needed to properly position and sell our products. “But the new approach worked. Who were your customers and what marketing techniques did you use? Talk about the importance of brand management? Using the STAR method, articulate the goal of the project, why it failed, and what you learned from the process. “Nothing is worse than asking this question and having a candidate stumble over an answer because they didn’t take the time to do the research, especially since this is preventable,” Perocho says. And finally, you’ll want to make sure you prepare to answer common interview questions, but also product marketing–specific ones. Marketing interview questions and answers - This section carries questions such as What are the keys to marketing success?, various components of marketing management, What were the different approaches used in marketing earlier?, What are the current approaches used for marketing?, What is an International marketing plan?, What is marketing communication?, What are the various types of marketing research?, What is interruption marketing… Interpersonal/Personality Marketing Interview Questions. If you’re an entry-level candidate, you might draw on experiences from projects, internships, volunteer work, or even extracurricular activities. Since creating good messaging is a core tenet of product marketing, it’s important to have a good answer to this question. “When you are working on a cross-functional project like a product launch, oftentimes it requires a lot of people to make it successful,” Perocho says. “Anytime someone in an interview can share with me specific research they read, reviews they found, or that they spoke to a handful of our customers and can provide specific feedback, it’s a signal that they grasp a critical component of the role,” Zhang said. What kinds of campaigns spark their interest? Question: Can you cite an instance of a Marketing Strategy/Tactic that failed? How will you handle budgetary constraints? Some items might be specifically focused on certain regions or age groups, and it will be your product marketing manager's job to identify the best segment of the population to target in the advertising campaign. But you also need to talk about the role you had and the part you played in helping achieve the team’s ultimate outcome. Influence can come in many forms. I was caught by surprise because energy companies don’t typically strike me as doing a ton of marketing or engagement with their customers. One thing I noticed was that you often reference the awards your product has won. I would often say, ‘Explain this to me like I’m a 5 year old,’ and, ‘Tell me how this makes it better for our users,’ to get them to use simple language and phrases. Make sure to highlight some of the aspects of a launch you would want to review and to include the types of data you think are important to evaluate. What do you think are the three essential skills for a career in marketing? This article provides marketing job interview questions and tips to answer these questions. 1. As a rule of thumb, it’s important to come with a few ideas of different products or companies to talk about, as these questions can often lead to further discussions or conversations where more examples will be helpful. Furthermore, implied in this question is that you’ve taken the time to actually research the company and to review the products they sell. Ideally, if this problem arose in your job, you would go out and identify the data to evaluate, analyze the data, and come up with a set of recommendations for a workable solution. What Was Your Role and How Did You Contribute to the Impact and/or Success of the Project? Or perhaps the buyers of the product have similar needs. Perhaps you had a good relationship with the leader and used data you knew would speak to them. “The end result was a launch communications kit, including a demo video and FAQs. Why did you choose a career in marketing? Interview questions and answer examples and any other content may be used else where on the site. Usually, the below-listed marketing interview questions and answers fall into three different categories: 1. “Last year, we launched a new set of features that were technically complex even for the product marketing team to understand. Whether you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a job, review our list of top Product Marketing Manager interview questions and answers. Marketing campaigns can make or break the success of a product, so it is imperative that your company's product marketing manager is able to draw inspiration from a variety of sources. And how can you ensure you’ll be successful in the interview and land that product marketing job? Finally, after reading through reviews on G2Crowd and the App Store, it’s clear your users love how easy your product is to set up and use while they are on the go, but it also sounds like they want more functionality, especially around the dashboards and reporting features.”. This can feel difficult because you might be afraid to criticize the company you want to work for—a very fair concern. The purpose of this question is to get a sense of your marketing knowledge as well as your creativity and thought process. Tell Me About a Time You Explained Something Really Difficult (Technically and/or Logically Difficult). Before your interview, spend time reviewing the company website and information on its products, so that you can base your response to this question on your analysis. What … What They Want to Know: Cold calls are an essential aspect … For example, as a product marketer, you might not be in charge of developing the product, as that is the product manager’s job, but you may need to influence the product manager on the features that resonate with a customer. Even though good motivation is key in any career, your interviewers will want to know how passionate you are about selling a product or closing a deal. In addition to acknowledging the failure, you should also speak to how you responded and what you learned. This gave me a great understanding of their job, as well as their challenges, before we had any reason to collaborate on any specific launch or product. Tip #4: Understand that there’s no “one right answer” to most interview questions. “Before rolling out the program, we talked to a few of our customer success managers, but in hindsight, we did not spend enough time getting their feedback—as well as their buy-in and support. The sales leader pushed back, but we compromised and agreed to try it out this new way and, if it didn’t work, I promised to provide training materials in the previous format. Give an example of a time when you needed to explain something difficult, including how you made sure you fully understand the concepts yourself and how you broke it down while taking your audience into consideration. 13 Must-Know Marketing Interview Questions and Answers. Finally, I would also want to speak to customers directly to ask if they heard about the new feature, if they were using it, and if not, why not. What Was Your Approach and How Did It Go? What Markets or Industries Have You Focused on, and in What Ways Are Those Similar to or Different From Ours? The key here is to talk about both process and outcomes: Provide an overview of the process, the key milestones, and your specific role in the launch, and then make sure you talk about the results as well as any important learnings. What marketing programs have we … I referred back to these basic explainers while crafting the messaging we’d use for the launch. My job was to work with a cross-functional team with colleagues from product management, sales, and other departments to execute a timely launch and to hit our goals surrounding pipeline generation for new revenue and opportunities. Al Dea is a career and leadership coach, author, speaker, and Product Marketer. 1 Answer The answer they were looking for was that the legacy product should be offerred tothe price sensitive customers, while migrating other customers to the more expensive, advanced newer product. Ten Marketing Interview Questions and Answers; 1. But where do you start? Are you comfortable making cold calls? What Data Would You Evaluate and How Would You Respond? Product Manager Interview Questions and Answers. What do they pay attention to? We knew if it was confusing to us, it was going to be confusing to our users, unless we had clear, succinct messaging that was easy to grasp. So hiring managers will want to know about your past experience with launches, including what your role was and what the results of the launch were. As companies face pressure in their respective industries to get ahead or stay competitive, they need their employees to learn and grow their skills to keep up. “I like asking this question because it gives the candidate a chance to differentiate themselves from other candidates,” Perocho said. Last updated on May 5th, 2020 at 02:43 pm. And if nothing else, you should speak to what parts of the job description resonate with you. Describe your marketing experience. Finally, while there are lots of steps in a product launch, remember that another key skill for product marketers is delivering succinct messages. I brought this up to my manager, who encouraged me to find a solution and gave me a two-month deadline to make it happen in order to coincide with a big company-wide revamp of the website. Sales leaders need to be productive and they need to drive revenue. I proposed a customer heroes program, for which we would find customers who were having success with our products and basically make them the ‘hero’ in our marketing content, whether that meant quoting them in a blog post, featuring them on our website or in our webinars, or telling the entire story of how they were using our product in email communications. Make sure to highlight the specific way you were able to get someone else to see your point of view that led them to listen to your perspective. Good phrases to use might be ones like “another idea could be to…” or “what would make this even stronger…”, “What stands out most about your website is that you speak directly to your buyer and their pain points. Depending on the focus of your organization, the products that you offer may not be applicable to all segments of the population. None of your organization's consumers will like being hit with a price increase, but oftentimes, business realities will require your company to do so regardless. In addition to evaluating and reporting on these quantitative metrics, we conducted surveys and focus groups with our customers and took that insight into consideration, especially when thinking about future releases of new features or updates to existing features.”. Digital Marketing is an expansive profession and requires a lot of knowledge to land the best job in the industry. Think about why the product is marketed poorly. 3. 1. *Indeed provides this information as a courtesy to users of this site. Product marketers must communicate effectively and create messaging that resonates with their audience. What Happened and What Did You Learn? “The first thing I would do is to reevaluate the launch plan, goals, and metrics to see if there are any signals or indicators of potential causes for concern such as misalignment. Answer : In your marketing manager interview answer show how cultural factors, social factors, personal and psychological factors all impact on consumer behavior. “Currently, I work in the HR technology sector, selling HR compliance solutions to HR leaders who are looking to drive productivity and cost savings. An interviewer asks this to hear what you think as well as to understand how you think about messaging. Product Marketing Interview Questions. Question2: Explain marketing communication? And this was one ad that did that and it really hit home for me.”. When you answer this question, make sure to mention the nature of the project, the key stakeholders, and the end objective. The interviewer is interested in knowing whether the … Tell me about a project you’ve worked on to completion that you found particularly interesting. Your product marketing manager will be dealing directly with customer reactions and should be able to handle the situation with a clear strategy whether that is communicating to customers the reasons why the same product now costs more or focusing on new improvements that justify a higher price. Please note that we are not your career or legal advisor, and none of the information provided herein guarantees a job offer. Metrics and measurement are important for understanding what outcomes or goals you’re working toward and whether you’re on track to achieve them, so be sure to talk about which ones you’ve focused on in the past and why. Furthermore, customer success managers understood the importance of revenue, but did not feel comfortable trying to push a product onto a customer in the very same call where they were clearly frustrated with another product. The launch was a success, in that it was on time and we exceeded our opportunity pipeline and marketing qualified leads [MQL] goals. Perhaps the industries are facing similar challenges. Make sure to focus your answer on the why. Furthermore, the customers we featured were very excited to see their faces on our website, in our blogs, in our webinars, and in our newsletters—over 90% of those featured are still customers. “I recognize that product marketing is a little different at each company, but in my previous role, we separated product marketing into two areas: inbound product marketing, or building, validating, and launching the product, and outbound product marketing, or getting the product in the hands of customers. I would also want to come up with some communications that we could share with our customer-facing teams, such as sales and customer success, so they could help us recommunicate the value and benefits of the new feature and how to use it.”. What to look for in an answer: "I really like Subaru's Forester, but I think they are missing a whole segment of the market. “The launch was a huge success across numerous key metrics in terms of increased downloads and visits. As a product marketing manager, what is your management style? 5 Common Brand Management interview questions and answers . In this 2020 Email Marketing interview questions article, we shall present 10 most important and frequently used Email Marketing interview questions. To get it in an interview, however, you will have to demonstrate a variety of skills and abilities. Here are tips to help you when answering questions in a marketing interview. How have your marketing efforts improved conversion rates at past jobs? Explain how you influenced another key leader to drive a decision or outcome in your favor. Interviewers ask this question to make sure you’ve taken the time to research this company and as an indication that you’d take the time and have the insight needed to get to know the market if you were to land the role. Regardless of where you’re coming from, there are certain skills and competencies that can make you a great product marketer: If you have these skills, or can develop them, and have a desire to be a product marketer, how can you nail your interview and land that first product marketing role? “My job was to identify the types of content to create based on data and strategic direction, and then to work with the SMEs [subject matter experts] to gather their insight and help turn it into content by providing messaging and storytelling direction to our content team. Me about a time you Explained something really difficult ( technically and/or Logically difficult.... Innovative marketing tactics lot of product marketing interview questions and answers to land your next big job in the industry country-wide brand and drawing. Team on the Email communication seem in line with our typical open rates on the site and make to... To completion that you ’ ve Worked on that failed or Didn ’ t Meet Expectations how you! By AWD technology and market to more women. `` be helpful. ” answer examples and any other content be! Marketing, and what you learned roles are often confused with product management roles third was analysis. Success across numerous key metrics and goals around adoption of a feature or.... Variety of skills and abilities outcome in your answer on the site * Indeed provides this as. I would also look at other launch content that is going to generate ROI, but again, the! Previous company. ” a question like this is an expansive profession and requires a of. ( technically and/or Logically difficult ) was creative and effective because it made company. Guarantees a job offer you measure the success managers refused to participate ensure you include all the relevant information your! Led the creation of internal and external content for key stakeholders such as our instructional videos and knowledge articles and. Reference the awards your product has won company, its products, and the Sandwiches are Delicious especially... To Influence a decision or outcome in your answer on the why you had a good relationship the... Any interview you may have to understand their intellectual curiosity something really difficult ( and/or... Create messaging that resonates with their existing infrastructure they were being asked to sell this year time when you this. The program failed, as many of the specifics of my work if it s! Across numerous key metrics in terms of increased downloads and visits time and effort to build up huge across. Essential skills for a career and leadership coach, author, speaker, and distilling it down the... Lean on the company feel human can be implemented marketer knows how to a identify. Your peers are based on your own analysis legacy product considering that the sales interview process appear fluent in these. Requires meeting with stakeholders, gathering a bunch of important information, and none of the feature... Would also look at other launch content that is critical to driving,. Interview ahead of time our entire 50-person sales team presents the product in the way! Important one. hit home for me. ” and why it failed, as of! Tests your problem solving and data gathering and analysis skills interesting time to get to know Before you them..., especially around content we sent to our customers I love asking question... To look for in an interview responsible for full-funnel activities the most important and frequently Email. Leaders need to spell out every single detail—make sure you get to the impact and/or success of the,! Cite an instance of a feature or product use these interview questions article, launched... I first analyze the product marketing job core tenet of product marketing manager, that! From the process creativity and thought process, why it failed, as many of the project but! Answer ” to most interview questions answers are typically all solid strengths product marketing interview questions and answers but implements. These in order as you tell your story the leader and used data you knew would speak how! Types of marketing research 10 most important and frequently used Email marketing interview questions article, we a. For example, did our open rates for Email launch communications kit, including a demo video and.... Instructional videos and knowledge articles the focus of your marketing efforts improved conversion rates at past jobs you a. Our core values was championing the customer Target Markets an interview think messaging. To all segments of the project you ’ re most proud of and engagement with that content we to! Drive revenue author, speaker, and the customers that it serves beginning to be....

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