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Inspired by the world of night diving, which may be a first, Seiko’s new series of dive watches are distinguished by their none-more-black DLC-coated stainless steel cases. Twitter. The 100+ Best Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday Season If visions of sugar plums are already dancing in your head, you’re in luck! It’s like they were worried Daria was too much of a loner (and seemed too much like a lesbian) and the show seemed to inherit the values it rejected early on. Here are some of Team Autostraddle’s favorite TV series to watch on DVD! But by the time they introduced Tom, the show started to go downhill. The Rise To The Top Season one is a poor representation of the show (although Diversity Day remains a hilarious episode) so you could start with season two if you wanted. Yep, talk about insulting. I’ve made peace with the fact that I didn’t watch it when it first aired. Currently rewatching, and just saw the first episode with Scorpius. The British show Bad Girls is also great, and there is a lesbian plotline. Much like 30 Rock (and Newsradio, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Parks and Rec, and seasons 2-4 of the US Office) I can watch SHH over and over again and it never gets old. All five and a half seasons of resurrected tv glory. Your data on all websites So what are some of the best business shows airing right now? Awards & Events. By Chanel Vargas. Also, this show called “Downton Abbey” is fabulous if you enjoy drama-dramz with British accents and people in period clothes. Thank you! So glad others are shouting out “Blink”, as far as I’m considered that’s the single best hour of television that’s ever been screened. Ok Big question here: are searching around for this information, you can help them greatly. Menu. First there was Kaylee, but then there was that b-plot where Inara serviced her female client (the senator) and…. SportsNight was brilliant Lip Service – Only six episodes, but it’s like a better version of the L Word. Gah, I know. Oh, Anya. Better Off Ted was such a pitch perfect satire! After getting involved with the queer girl community on this magical internet, it became clear pretty quickly that I’d missed something. Such. my mom swears that daria is the reason for the way i act today. Veronica Mars. I’ve been marathoning Xena this summer and it’s been a blast. There’s only one 7 or 8 episode season, so it will only suck your life for like 3 days, but you’ll be thinking about it for weeks after. Felicity Huffman was perfect on that show, she is wasting her talent on Desperate Housewives. Oh I am also really surprised not to find Nurse Jackie! I think real issues and real government action are more interesting. Matt Wilson if the co-founder of Under30CEO and is looking to help every entrepreneur on the planet. Plus the characters remind of people in D.C. Hhhnnnggg Lizzy Caplan. The Techstars New York incubator program has made it big. I love Farscape, and no one knows what it is. GO UK! What are the best TV series on Netflix to watch right now? In care you don’t know, Gossip Girl is about mega rich high school (and later college) students living on the upper west side of Manhattan. Literally.) I didn’t know that about the first season. the audrey horne character is just.. wow. And Community. 5 Additions To Your eCommerce Store Growth Strategy, B2B Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: 4 Tips and Tricks, Why You Should Outsource Your IT Security. The Society (Netflix). Number of episodes: 24 (source:canalplus) Recently I was trying to list the things in my life that have had a profound impact on me creatively. So, to make your life easier, I’ve created a list of the 25 best Netflix series for you to choose from. thats what we get? “Chuck Bass basically makes the best male-identified attempt at a hot butch lesbian that I’ve ever seen.”. They may get better over time. I don’t know, I’ve never aspired to end up working in the White House like so many of my colleagues do. The show revolves around a family of hillbilly squids. Fridays at 8PM ET. Criminal Minds. I was actually kind of quoting it :). Did anyone else watch this when it was on, because I’ve never been able to find anyone who actually cared about it. I got stalled for a long time between seasons 5 and 6 because the first movie goes between those two, and they took that off netflix and I was deeply discouraged. Parks and Rec is an excellent show to marathon, you can never have too much Leslie Knope or Ron Swanson, “Give me all the Leslie and Ron you have. I’d recommend someone get the DVDs and watch it straight through in order to get all the storylines and jokes! What’s “bad” about it? I have things to do! Even the 97 year old, pedophile neighbor who always tries to lure boys into his house will become one of your favorites. Also: Dianna Agron Flaunts, Amber Heard Guesses, Kelly Rowland Strips,,,,, Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 8 Megavideo | cj, Beyond Definition: On Queer Black Love and My Kaleidoscope Identity, Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara: The Autostraddle Interview(s), The Best Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Movies of 2020, Eight Fat Positive Queer Books Featuring Queer Fat Characters in All Their Glory, Pop Culture Fix: Aisha Tyler and Charlize Theron Want to Play Lesbian Wives in a “Die Hard” Remake, The Derry Girls on Great British Bake Off Is the Only Good Thing to Happen in 2020, This Is How We Do It: Making and Canning Apple Butter. By. The women of Serenity. Why didn’t you put The L Word in the list or did I miss it? i was really shy until i watched that show and discovered sarcasm. Donny founded one of the top advertising agencies and brings energy and experience to the screen. Why to watch it: "Schitt's Creek" is one of the best, and most bingeable, shows on TV right now. They finally settled on ADULT and from about ep 16 on, it’s one of the best TV shows that’s been on TV. The show is only available online at and has a sister show This Week in Venture Capital. Produced by Survivor’s Mark Burnett the show is over dramatized, but there is a lot to be learned about decision making and leadership. I’m still waiting for updates from you on your X Files progress. Oh what a fine show. Before I watched the pilot, I was skeptical — I’m not into campy sci-fi stuff or horror so I went in pretty closed-minded, like a total asshole, really. This is true and highly relevant to my interests, but Gossip Girl is so much more than that. If I ever hhaave my own company I will call it QuoVadimus. Must…resist…, Still waiting to go on my dream date with Michelle Trachtenberg. Yeeessss DA is so good, I’ve been trying to convert people ever since I watched it. Chewing Gum . Bonuses: Maggie Smith as a crabby rich lady, house maids with Irish accents, fancy clothes, girls with huge eyes, one proto-feminist daughter campaigning for women’s suffrage circa 1914, and an upcoming second season. From action-adventure to chart-topping Japanese manga to comedy-drama, the lineup has got you covered. The Office (UK only) You’re welcome, seriously. The 25 Best British TV Shows You Need to Binge This Year. Best Business Credit Cards. but i watched that shit all the time. i have no idea why it’s such a thing! +The O.C. Actually, I only started watching because I heard Hilary Duff kisses a girl in it. I’m a huge tv nerd and repeated DVD viewing is very commonplace for my favorite series, it’s like a companion to viewing the show week-to-week. Additionally, I am convinced that every week there is a distinct lesbian moment between Blair and Serena. Luckily you’re too distracted by how Unbelievably Good-looking everyone is to notice. Hell, my DJ name is Blanche Devereauxx. This show is good for people who LIVE to be shocked and aren’t afraid of being appalled. thank you for mentioning Downton Abbey. daria. The first few seasons explored sexuality in a social and personal sense. Also, Gwen Cooper’s Welsh accent is a joy & Captain Jack’s greatcoat is a thing of beauty (still searching for one, cause I’d really love to have one as this year’s winter coat). Pinterest. We’ve rounded up the very best Christmas movies for 2020 . +Freaks and Geeks I mean, I get it, it’s supposedly the best show ever. I plan to (possibly via acquisition of a time turner) block out enough time to watch all 5 1/2 series again before 6.2 starts at the end of August. TV IS MY FAVORITE THING OF ALL THE THINGS. (Okay season 1 is not my favorite and neither is season 3 except for “Blink” and about half of 5, but: seasons 2, 4, the other half of 5, and the parts of 6 that are out are SO GOOD.) Detectives, lawyers, judges, criminals. Frankie is like Shane, but with feelings. Imagine a world where the Olsen twins stayed babies (with red hair!) 2.6K. You’ve got competition. John Crichton/Aeryn Sun is one of the greatest TV relationships ever, too. Yo, all of “Summer Heights High” is on YouTube. Whenever I travel I always take Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire with me. Beautiful days outside, yes, but it’s soooo hot and I don’t like sweating unless there are orgasms involved, so yesyesYES to this post! I don’t think it said that when I downloaded it. As soon as season 6 paused I started marathoning every previous Doctor Who episode. (example- It's time to spice up your Netflix queue with a few programs from across the pond. It’s fantastic. The comedy shows and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, including & IMDB. Why watch it?

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