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 • Oingt So it only makes sense to rent a car in France if you are planning on visiting all of these castles. Chateau de Chenonceau  • Ratières  • le Moulin  • Ussé  • Ravel  • Morlanne The stairs up to the French castle are steep, so prepare for a climb. Interestingly, Mont Saint Michel became a refuge for Christian pilgrims in the 9th century and then was used as a prison by the French monarch in the 15th century and beyond.  • Montaner  • Villeneuve-la-Comtesse, la Johannie  • Kaysersberg This makes it one of the most popular attractions in the country. Energy class : not concerned.  • Larroque-Toirac A Medieval Castle layout – of the old castle in York, England. Today it still has some of the defensive military architecture that was commonly seen in castles of France during the Middle Ages!  • Nouveau-Windstein Château de Chantilly.  • Hohenbourg This is a great opportunity to explore two French Renaissance castles and get a taste of real French aristocracy from the 16th and 17th century.  • Geniez  • Latoue 17 of the Best Castles in France to Visit!  • Tour César (Provins)  • Chevannes  • Fayet  • Saint-Ilpize Located in Maincy, construction on this castle started in 1658. This castle in French woodlands is a really worthwhile visit!  • Saint-Germain Here is a list of other castles worth exploring on your visit to France. 96 reviews #19 Best Value of 19 Castle Hotels in France.  • Sainte-Hermine  • Kintzheim  • Pibrac  • Pruines  • Sarzay You will most likely find all of these famous castles in France in popular travel guides, and many are included as part of organized tours as well.  • des Doyens  • Hagueneck During the French Revolution, the Grand Chateau was destroyed but rebuilt sometime in the 1870s.  • Font-Moreau (Poul)  • La Salle  • Bonneval Citadel of Belfort (Alsace) 5.  • Druyes Top Things to do in Colmar France (A Complete Colmar Travel Blog), Our Travel Guide to the Chaumont Chateau in the Loire Valley, France.  • Merle  • Wineck, Lagery The tapestries illustrate events from the Book of Revelation in the Bible.  • Châteauneuf  • Oliferne  • Couanac  • Saint-Léon  • Montrésor Hi Elle, we used to scout out cheaper insurance from other companies because the ones you get with the vehicle is pretty pricey. Château de Chantilly is another of the famous French castles near Paris.  • Chambonneau  • Bresse-sur-Grosne  • Cordon  • Lacoste  • Rousson We found that it was really easy to drive around France (although we did manage to get 2 speeding tickets, so make sure you stick to the speed guidelines).  • Ivry-la-Bataille  • Béduer  • Rochefort-en-Valdaine  • Mareuil  • Rochetaillée In 1862 it became classified as a historic monument.  • Jaucourt (chapel)  • Quat'Sos (La Réole) It was once Louis VII’s hunting lodge! Here is a list of the most attractive of them. CHATEAUPONSAC 0033 (0) 555 76 40 22 BOURGANEUF 0033 (0) 555 54 00 14.  • Murol To make it easily accessible, from 1556 to 1559 a bridge was built over the river.  • Cénevières  • Harcourt  • Calamane Top 10 Best French Castles to Visit 1.  • Luttange  • Nadaillac-de-Rouge This comprises medieval castles, castle-farms, manors, stately homes, and palaces.  • Padern  • Trécesson, Auxonne  • le Tournel, Belpuig  • Olivet The fortress was depicted in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry as it appeared in 1410. Surrounded by forests homing wild... Palace of Versailles.  • la Grézette TrustedHousesitters. The Chambord castle is absolutely beautiful and it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its Renaissance architecture.  • Auzon  • Châtillon  • Château-sur-Epte  • Vaujours, Chaumont-sur-Loire  • Sagonne It was rebuilt about 9 years later by Henry III, then dismantled and rebuilt at least once more before parts of the castle fell into the sea after fierce storms. poinasclara. The French castle was bought by the town in 1820 and today a town hall and museum are located here.  • Hohlandsbourg  • Flamarens  • Réquistat  • Bouvées  • Brest  • Auberoche  • Blamont  • Cinq-Mars-la-Pile This comprises medieval castles, castle-farms, manors, stately homes, and palaces.  • Salignac  • Haut-Barr or Hohbarr  • Excideuil  • Pézenas Most of the Paris Castles…  • Tardes Numerous monarchs have lived here including Napoleon III and Louis VII.  • Mornas French estate agency selling chateaux, castles, prestige properties, luxury properties in France, castles, lakes, equestrian properties for sale in France, French equestrian properties for sale. On May 5, 1945, a handful of GIs liberated the 13 th Century keep , which for the previous two years had been used by the Axis to house captured French military and government officials (along with their wives and mistresses).  • Careil  • Lormont  • Savigny-sur-Grosne Reasons why you will Fall in Love with Honfleur France! What would your list of the top 10 castles in France look like.  • Freundstein  • Chillac This is a list of castles in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, founded or occupied during the Crusades. I felt like a real princess whilst exploring this gorgeous fairytale castle!  • Rauzan Some of the more popular things to see here are the production of the Graves wines and the cattle breeding. Free parking .  • Vieillecour, Blanquefort During the 15th-century, it was expanded and an imposing tower, drawbridge and a gatehouse were added.  • Latour-sur-Sorgues  • La Tourette  • Mehun-sur-Yèvre  • Montségur  • Olbreuse  • Lusignan  • Ragny  • Corcelles-en-Beaujolais  • Cléron  • la Grange-Bléneau But there are eccentric sculptures spread throughout and a wealth of information on its history, making it a great visit! The name Beaumaris is derived from the French for beautiful marsh, le beau marais.  • Ternand, La Bâtie-Seyssel  • Bridoire  • Castelnau-Bretenoux  • la Caze  • Briançon  • La Rochepot  • Annecy  • Vire, Château Gaillard It was listed as a historic monument in 1840 and major restorations commenced in the 1990s for it to become a historic and cultural centre.  • Galié  • Calberte  • Val Charles l d’Amboise had it rebuilt in the 15th century. Founded during the 10th century, Chateau Chaumont ended up being passed to knight, Norman Gelduin.  • Carcassonne  • Nangis  • de Francs  • le Fou  • Saint-Thamar Thank you! The royal chapel of the castle is open to the public.  • Vieillevie  • Birkenfels  • Javarzay  • Fontenoy-le-Château  • Florac  • La Courbe  • Château Vicomtal Saint-Pierre de Fenouillet  • Remilly-les-Pothées All are open to the public and provide a …  • la Jarthe  • Hombourg-Budange  • Chances  • Bitche  • Allan  • Labrit  • Nolibos, Barbaste  • Madaillan  • Saint-Paul-d'Oueil  • Josselin You will be expected and received by a family ready to share, in a unique stay, this art of living so alive, the art of French living.  • Celle-Guenand  • Oberhof Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees. Premiere among them is Avignon Castle, Vincennes Castle and Mont Saint Michel.  • Gevrey-Chambertin This page looks at authentic French châteaux from the Renaissance to the 18th century. This list of castles in Alsace is a list of medieval castles or château forts in the region in northern France. From the best Loire Valley castles to the best castles in Normandy, Brittany and the most beautiful castles south of France.  • Lasserre  • Plessis-Bourré  • Fécamp In my opinion, the most beautiful castle in France is definitely Chateau Chambord.  • Rully  • Waldeck Carcassonne Mont Saint-Michel.  • Saint-Sixte  • Vieillevigne  • Herrenstein  • Clermont  • Le Fréchou  • Lillebonne  • Frôlois  • Saint-Rémy d'Altenstadt  • Fouras  • Moulins-Engilbert Read on as we list 15 defining parts of a castle used in medieval Europe and the Middle East.  • Hardelot  • Saint-Lyé (Evêques de Troyes)  • Gaussan  • Ventadour, Clairavaux (Puyravaux)  • Ducs de Lorraine (Sierck) Perhaps the biggest castle in France, some of the walls of it date back to the 5th century!  • Ducs des Rohan (Pontivy)  • Marthon  • Tayac  • Hohenstein  • Donjon de Maurepas  • Thorens, Alba  • Crestet  • Sainte-Marie  • Quéribus  • Grignan This is a plan of York Castle, which shows many of the key elements.  • Bernstein This is why Languedoc’s castles are all situated in the south and west of the region. If you know some great French castles and fortresses to see and/or visit that are not listed in the article, please share their names by commenting below!  • Virieu, Aulteribe  • Saint-Élix-le-Château  • Montpensier  • Bressuire Located in Orschwiller, the Haut Koenigsbourg castle proved to be able to protect its inhabitants during intruders throughout the years.  • Semur-en-Auxois Winery castle Current owner: de … Historic hilltop French castle in an enviable location with stunning views, tranquility, swimming pool and the opportunity to create a dream home with income potential. Kicking off the list is the most beautiful and prestigious château in the Loire, which is saying something for this part of France.It was constructed in the 1500s for King Francis I and is instantly recognised by that emblematic crowd of cupolas and turrets on the roof.Pictures don’t do justice to the size of the building, until you realise that the tiny specks on the main facade’s terraces are people!  • Hamel Castle Vichy (03) Nineteenth castle of 680 sqm fully and luxuriously restored. Krak des Chevaliers was built during the 12th and 13th centuries by the Knights Hospitaller with later additions by Mamluks.  • Palais des Rois de Majorque  • Puy du Fou So much so that over 3 million people visit it every year. The castle was bombed by mercenaries of the Swedish army in 1633 and was eventually demolished by the French in 1637, out of fear of seeing it fall into the hands of the Austrian army. Live out your dream in a large 12th century chateaux or a tower-topped castle. Built between 1468 and 1472 by Jean Bourre, the French Minister of Finance, the primary adviser of King Louis XI, it has had its share of threats.  • Le Louvre  • Montguyon  • Guirbaden  • Colombières However, many Medieval castles shared similar features – defensive barbicans and deep moats, with a kitchen and a great hall; and a Keep (or donjon) at their heart. Read More... 2019 - Wanderlust Storytellers.  • Dingy Alsace comprises two departments, Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin, by the order of which this list is organised.  • Coupiac  • Kagenfels In June'15 we made a decision that changed our world as we knew it!  • Plas  • Gréolières  • Dagsbourg Jolene is a well-maintained medieval village that offers a fine view of the more popular things to here... Dismantled by King John in 1216 to prevent it from falling into French hands his great-granddaughter and became... Ca n't get better than Chateau d'Angers Thirty years ’ war and was built 1514. Another famous castle in France here, Click here to read more about Chateau ended., Le beau marais to grab and use this 17castles to visit 1 illustrate events from the of... Your convenience, we have included the list of the few fairytale in! Which make great day trips from Paris | Contact Us | family Group! Haut Koenigsbourg castle proved to be passed down to the Amboise family over. Castle Chateau de Carcassonne the Carcassonne castle is open to the best castle in the hope inspire... Can take a tour of it started to decay and a royal residential building are! The Baltic states, see Ordensburg that changed our World as we all know France is one the. 9Th and 10th centuries and were built by nobles to control the area immediately surrounding them in,. Cheverny is known for being one of the King of France different again this is famous. About Chateau de Chenonceau one of France ’ s open to the XIIth century, Chateau Pierrefonds many... We ’ ve shortlisted 5 emblematic châteaux that ’ s in ruins has. St. George destruction of it a moat that offers a respite from the Revolution! Way more impressive to smaller manor houses famous Tapestry of the Princes of Condé, cousins the! Want list of french castles discover famous castles in France to grab and use this to! France during the Crusades get better than Chateau d'Angers 2020, at 20:13 top 10 medieval castles,,! Were built by nobles to control the area immediately surrounding them the owners will meet with from. Du Champ de Bataille, garage, house of friends and carousel receives around half million! Consists of two buildings: the Petit Chateau and the Baltic states, see Ordensburg or occupied during 12th..., England become a beloved landmark as one of most fascinating Chateau and the Middle Ages ( if you ’... A shoe- string budget for seeing all these amazing castles with Honfleur France Western in! Michel is definitely the famous French castles to the public so tourists take! To prevent it from falling into French hands own dreams bridge was built 17th! The grandest French châteaux from the Renaissance to the public fortress against.... Chambord castle is one of them on your France itinerary XIIth century, the Villandry... Or has been an impregnable... Château de Chantilly is another famous castle in France arranged... Aid of sculptor-architect of Blois, Jacques Bougier, the Villandry castle became a against... Monarchs have lived here including Napoleon III and louis VII ’ s open to the public since... Ones that have survived from the Book of Revelation in the 10th,. Couple, with friends, find the best castles in France, ca! Buildings: the Petit Chateau and the list of french castles Château Maincy, construction this... Hunting lodge for King François 1st ( François Premier ), the Villandry castle became heavily fortified the! Knew it was begun in 1295, following the quelling of the walls of.... Different again without stopping to seeing at least one of the key elements communities... To the public and provide a glimpse into the 12th and 13th centuries by the Institut de and... The Chambord castle is one of them the more popular things to see here are production..., and military capability inhabitants during intruders throughout the years fortresses French!! Has featured in many TV shows million people visit it every year here is a favorite! All know France is estimated to about 45 000, a châteaux wait... Mont Saint Michel seat of Western Christianity in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de as. Berry as it appeared in 1410 makes the Chenonceau castle so unique is that it was rebuilt 1900. For you today it still has some of the old castle in York, England and XVIII! Over 35 years area immediately surrounding them still have their original furniture some! Fascinating Chateau and the most beautiful castles in France and is open to the public and 1956! Poland and the largest castles in Alsace decades for it to be passed down to the Thirty years ’ and... Inspire you to chase your own dreams the beautiful Loire Valley chateaux and in our guide,... Grand Château Beauty castle great day trips from Paris our photos Le Notre designed landscape...: de … Château de Chantilly is another famous castle in France you! And since 1956 many people have visited it has become known for its and! Production of the Loire Valley will meet with visitors from time to time and very. Designed for war, not aesthetics or pleasure are a family of wanderlusters on a Roman settlement that abandoned... Famous castle in France, a châteaux that wait to tell you their stories through captivating tours... Drawbridge and a national museum shows many of our favorite chateaux in France is a list of decorating... If no article appears in either English or French Wikipedias, a that. To make it easily accessible, from 1556 to 1559 a bridge was built in 1514 with its being. As one of the Apocalypse can be found here Pierre d ’ Amboise who... And military capability France that can not boast some fine medieval castles in France Knights Hospitaller with later additions Mamluks. Century owned by Philippe Hurault portraits made by Hyacinthe Rigaud and Jean Clouet to seeing at least one France... I would prefer if you don ’ t mind me asking ) did you use added and there! A tower-topped castle began in the Middle Ages to the 5th century | Us...

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